Why Twitter Is Crucial

With all these social media sites these days its getting impossible to stay completely connected. On a daily basis I am liking, pinning, tweeting, inmailing and blogging but one of these mediums really stands out from the others for networking. Using Twitter properly can really bolster your network and it can help you reach out to people that are normally nearly impossible to reach. More so than that if you use Twitter properly your newsfeed can be a wealth of information designed specifically for your needs/wants. What is better than having a one stop site with all of the news you want that is constantly adding more and more information?

To start you are going to need to look at all of your followers and who you are following. If you are following all of the same people that you are friends with on Facebook that is your first mistake. Staying connected with friends and finding out what they are doing is what Facebook is for. No need to have two sites doing the same thing. What you should be doing on Twitter is following anyone who you think will provide you with useful information (especially for your career). This can include people in professions you are considering getting into, politicians, activists, media outlets or trailblazers. A few people I follow is Boris Revsin (CEO of CampusLIVE), Keith Ferrazzi (Author of “Never Eat Alone” and the best networker ever) and TechCrunch (Media outlet for everything relating to tech). Doing this will make your newsfeed the single most important outlet for all information relating to you.

Next you can attempt to establish a relationship with some of the people you are following. Odds are if you messaged someone like Keith Ferrazzi on Facebook you wouldn’t get a response. However , the magic of Twitter is you can follow anyone you want and reach out to anyone you want. You can retweet, favorite other peoples tweets and even tweet at them. Granted there is no guarantee of a response but doing this will put you on the persons radar and with a bit of persistence you may get a reply to one of your tweets. As of late of I have been able to reach out to some of the leaders in the marketing industry and get responses which has been great as I have been able to get my name out in the community.

My good friend Jay Acunzo also shed some light to me about how you can develop a solid base of followers and establish your niche talent on Twitter. Are you a fitness buff? Search fitness on the Twitter search bar and look at everything that pops up. Find out where you can give your opinion and if you are giving good advice people will follow you and begin to ask you questions.

The beauty of Twitter is you can be a silent spectator and take in all of the information or you can be an outspoken guru in your respective field. You can follow me at @Aghanomics212. Do you have any tips on how to properly use Twitter?