How Are The Boston Celtics And Working For A Start Up Similar?

As I have been watching the Boston Celtics play in the 2012 NBA playoffs I have noticed numerous parallels between the way the play and what it is like to work in a start up. To those who have not been paying close attention to the playoffs here is what I have noticed about the Celtics.

1. No matter how big their lead is in the first half, it always gets tight in the 4th quarter.
2. Even when everything seems to be going great everything can melt down quickly.
3. If one starter is not playing well the whole team is out of whack.
4. The reason why the Celtics beat the 76ers and the Hawks is not because they had more talent, but because they work better as a team.
5. Even when you have the best support in the world (Boston Fans) you can still lose.

Now how does the way the Celtics play compare to working in a start up? Lets see

1. No matter how good you are doing one day none of it matters unless you can perform in crunch time. When all the projects have been piled on and you feel like you overwhelmed will you fold or will you perform?
2. Even though everything can seem to be going great with your start up everything can flip very quickly and all of a sudden you can be out of a job just like that.
3. Everyone needs to be performing at a high level in a start-up and when one person doesn’t show up to work or isn’t doing their job well the whole team feels it.
4. Communication is key in start ups as every position is so interrelated with each other. Start-ups look to hire team players and people who can perform well in numerous positions.
5. Even if you have all the money in the world and a good team sometimes things just do not work out.

Another way they are similar for me personally is that I love the Celtics and I love working in a start-up. The one main difference I have noticed though is everyone in the office is not above the height of 6’5 (Thank God).