NOW Is The Time To Take A Risk

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. – T. S. Eliot

If you are a college student or a recent graduate there is no better time to pursue your dreams, no matter how risky it is. If you have any type of entrepreneurial spirit within you and want to start your own company or work for a start up there is no better time than the present. Being an entrepreneur can be scary. Most people will doubt you and your ass is always on the hotseat as those who dont work hard are quickly weeded out. However, turning that risk into a big reward is one of the best feelings in the world. You have the rest of your life to work at large corporation and take the safe way out. Here are 5 reasons why you should take a risk.

1. Right now you have less responsibility you will ever have.
Odds are you do not have kids and a family to take care of at this point in your life. You also do not have a massive overhead other than college loans to take care of. 10 years from now when you have a family taking a risk like this will be a lot less practical as the money you bring home will not just be for yourself.
2. Reward outweighs risk right now.
Worst comes to worst the company crashes and burns in a few years and all of a sudden your 24-26 years old with a ton of great experience. However, the company could really take off and you could be made man (or woman) before the age of 30.
3. If you apply yourself you WILL learn how to run a business.
4. You will find out if you are cut out to be an entrepreneur.
Not everyone is made to be an entrepreneur. There are massive highs and even terrible lows and some people cannot deal with the volatility. I personally embrace the volatility.
5. That big company is not going anywhere.
That company will always be there and odds are you will get a higher position after a few years of high level work within a small company vs a student fresh out of college.

Of course with any risk it should be a calculated risk and not a blind one. Do not just try and start a company without doing any research or join a start up company whose product you do not believe in. As with anything research, research, and research some more to minimize risk as much as possible. So go ahead, take a risk, live on the edge and live with no regrets.