It IS Your Fault

The other day I overheard this woman talking to one of her colleagues on the subway about how her boss is treating her unfairly. I was intrigued and continued to listen in even though eavesdropping isn’t the most ethical thing to do. She said that her boss was mad at her for being late but that her boss does not understand that if she misses her train in the morning that the next one after that is an hour later and that is what causes her to be late. She continued to complain the whole train ride about how her boss doesn’t understand her life and how he needs to be more compliant to her schedule.

You got to be shitting me. Take responsibility for your damn actions and get to work on time. Instead of complaining to your colleague about how you are being treated unfairly figure out a way to get to work on time. The problem is though, in her mind, it is not her fault she is getting into work late. it is the trains fault for not running more often. And in her mind she is not in the wrong for being late to work, it is her bosses fault for not sympathizing with her due to the faultiness of the train system.

Plain and simple you need to grow up and stop being a child about this. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and catch that train every single morning. There is no excuse for being late to work for something with as simple a fix as that. Alright, if you miss the train once or twice a year it is understandable. Things happen sometimes like electrical outages or certain crises that FORCE you to miss that train. But if you are missing that train consistently enough to be reprimanded on it than you simply are not mature enough to have a full time job. Go work a part time job that fits your schedule better. If I was the boss in that situation I would say “Oh you don’t like your commute in the morning to work? The door is right behind you I don’t want whiners on my team. I want people who will shed their blood, sweat and tears for this this company. Not people who are here just to make a paycheck and can’t wake up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to make sure this is not a problem. Get here early every single day or hit the bricks”.

Where I am going with this is everyone of us in our life have problems. There are some problems that are above our control but almost any problem that you have in your work place CAN be controlled. Whether if it’s you hate your boss, your late to work, you missed a deadline or you cost your company money it IS your fault and start acting like it is. You will earn the respect of your colleagues and when you act in this nature the odds of that mistake happening again are drastically lowered.