What NOT To Do At Parties

With Halloween weekend upon us it is only natural for people to want to party. It is the one time of the where you are allowed to party as hard as you want without having people really judge you. However, once Halloween is over, you can’t exactly show up half naked to parties and get “shit housed”. So I complied a list of the top 15 no no’s I have noticed while partying at the notorious UMass Amherst, better know as Zoomass. Even though we will all be guilty of something on this list at one point just don’t be the kid known committing party fouls left and right. #FreeClyde

1. Blacking out once in a while isn’t smart but it happens to the best of us. Dont black out at every party though. Then you’re an idiot

2. Don’t hit on every girl you see… No one likes that kid.

3. Don’t brag about how much you can drink. No one cares.

4. Don’t be that kid getting way too into beer pong. It’s not a real sport.

5. Save the dramatics for your house.

6. Don’t talk to your ex if he or she is at the party. Your going to have a bad time.

7. Don’t pick fights, especially with the people who live at the house. It doesn’t make you cool.

8. Don’t wear the same outfit 2 nights in a row. People notice.

9. If the cops come to the party and it’s not your house, don’t be a hero and try and argue with them. Just leave.

10. Don’t go up to people who you’ve met once and tell them your life story.

11. Don’t be that person crying at the party. Just step outside or go home.

12. Don’t forget to put on deodorant. No one wants to talk to someone who smells.

13. Don’t overdo it with the cologne. I don’t need to feel like I’m walking into an abercrombie and fitch store.

14. If you need to wingman/wingwoman, do NOT go in and “steal” the person your friend was gunning for. That is just grimy.

15. Don’t be the first one who wants to go home. Stop being lame.