Welcome to the Real World

“Welcome to the real world” has been the saying that has echoed in my life over the past few weeks. Everywhere I go, people welcome me into the real world and tell me that I will always look back on my days in college as the best days in my life. The “real world” for me starts on Monday, when I begin my job as an Account Executive at Bullhorn in the wonderful city of Boston.

I’m excited for my entrance into the “real” world. As you should be as well! Transitions are always scary but what’s nice about transitions is that there are always great things waiting for you around the corner that you just don’t see yet. Think about when you first went to college. Personally, I was scared shitless the night before I moved out of my moms house! I was nervous that I wouldn’t do well in school, that I wouldn’t make friends and that I wouldn’t succeed. Similar fears that many may be experiencing in their transition into the “real world”. Little did I know that in those 4 years at college that I would be an honors student, that I would study abroad in Madrid, that I would organize TEDxUMassAmherst and ultimately achieve my goal of getting a full time job upon graduation.

He peaked at 12 years old!

Steve Jobs put it best, it’s impossible to connect the dots moving forward, however, in hindsight, connecting the dots makes so much sense. College may have been a great 4 years (for some maybe 5 or 6) but do not live your life thinking you peaked at 21 years old. It’s time to put the college days behind us and begin having fun as professionals. There is so much ahead of us and I truly believe that the best has yet to come. What is coming? I have no idea. That’s half the fun though!