Highlights of 2013

Wow, another year has gone by and we are on the brink of 2014. It’s unbelievable to think how much time has passed in what feels like such little time. A lot of us graduated college this year and are onto a different chapter in the story of our lives. I’d like to take a moment and reflect on all of the best moments of this year for me as we get near its close. During my reflection, I’m going to focus on how great the good times were and how I can improve from my mistakes. Here is my top 5 moments from 2013.

5. Moving Out

Living room in my apartment

















Moving out of my mother’s house was a really big step in the stairs of life. Granted, she still makes me food and I still do my laundry at her house, but it’s a step towards independence and a step that should not be overlooked.


4. First Job Out of College

Landing my first job upon college graduation was a big milestone for me. I wasn’t sure where I was going to wind up or what I wanted to do, but I’m really happy with my decision to become an Account Executive at Bullhorn. In these past 6 months at Bullhorn, I have learned so much about the art of selling and a lot of it ties back to Simon Sinek’s TED talk about how great leaders inspire action. Never sell anything material, only sell solutions. I’m proud to say that as the year is closing out, I’m at 115% of my annual quota.


3. Graduation from UMass Amherst

College came and went by in what felt like just a couple of months. I’m so proud of everyone who graduated with me and it makes me really happy to see people going out and doing great things. People are starting companies that will change the world and others are excelling within established companies by crushing their quotas or by bringing innovative ideas to the table. There certainly isn’t a lack of ambition among the class of 2013 and I am so excited to see what the future has to hold for this class.


2. TEDxUMassAmherst


Co-founding TEDxUMassAmherst with Nate Tepper was the best learning experience I’ve had to date. Getting to work with 25 students and raise $25,000 (without UMass giving us any monetary donations) provided an avenue for me to meet a lot of unbelievable people who changed my life. Getting to speak to an audience of my peers is honestly my proudest moment of college and I thank everyone who helped make it happen (you can see my speech below). Watch out for even bigger things from TEDxUMassAmherst this year on May 3rd.



1. Becoming an Uncle

Being an Uncle has been an experience like no other. Growing up, I wasn’t very close with any of my extended family so getting the opportunity to be there for my niece has been really special. Additionally, becoming an uncle also means my brother became a father! It’s crazy to think how the same person I used to play Super Nintendo with growing up is now raising a beautiful little girl.

All in all, 2013 was a great year. There were some downs, but there were certainly a lot more ups than downs. To be honest, before I wrote everything out, I didn’t really how much was actually accomplished this year. Taking a moment to reflect on your year before 2014 rolls around can be beneficial to remind you of all of the great things you did in 2013. Additionally, it will help you set realistic goals for 2014 as well.

Best of luck to everyone in 2014 and happy New Year’s! Be happy, be healthy, but most importantly, make a difference.



Why New Years Resolutions Are Bogus

Every year, people create their list resolutions of things they hope to achieve in the coming year. The most common resolutions are to quit smoking, save money, lose weight and volunteer to help others. These are all great resolutions, however, 99% of people are not going to follow through with them.

New years resolutions are bogus because you are setting a goal for yourself and plan on taking 0 action on that goal between now and the new years. Rather than waiting for the ever distant future to come around, take action NOW. You can begin your journey to quitting smoking, losing weight, saving money and community service right now if you really wanted to. The problem is, most people don’t want to actually quit any of those things, they just like the idea of thinking they will quit them.


Another flaw with new years resolutions is how lofty and unplanned the goals are. There is
a reason why so many people sign up for the gym on January 1st but quit by January 15th. They don’t see the immediate results they were hoping for and quit on their resolution before the even gave it a real chance. If you plan on losing 30 pounds in 2014, set out your goals for each month and plan exactly how you’re going to get there. Additionally, don’t wait until 2014 to create a workout, sign up for a gym and implement a diet. Get all of the prep work done in 2013 so you can hit the ground running in 2014.



For anyone with new years resolutions, I challenge you to take action on them before the new years. I guarantee you you will be way more successful if you took the leap to start today vs January first.