21 Signs You’re Over the Age of 21

Since I’ve turned the page on being 21 years old, I’ve noticed some changes in myself, both physically and mentally. Some changes have been pretty great, some changes not so much. It’s all a part of becoming an adult though (as scary as that sounds) and change is good thing!
1. You get legitimately excited over getting a good night of sleep.


2. Hangovers are very real, and very brutal.
3. You don’t talk to 90% of the people you went to high school with.
4. You’ve had a taste of the office life and cannot wait for 5:00 to come around.


5. You’re slowly becoming a morning person.


6. You now have more drinks in your wheelhouse other than jack and coke and beer.
7. You actually understand your limits and hardly ever black out anymore.


8. You save getting belligerent for very special events.


9. You can drink alcohol neat and actually enjoy it.


10. The thought of Rubinoff makes you gag.


11. You laugh at freshman who ask you to get liquor for them.
12. You’ve acquired a taste for champagne (other than Andre) and craft beer if you hadn’t already.


13. Gray hairs are popping up. 


14. You comfortably drink in front of your parents.


15. You pass up on opportunities to go out to stay in and just relax.


16. You look at photos of your 18 year old self and wonder what the hell you were thinking.


17. You can successfully nurse drinks.


18. Open bar doesn’t mean drink as much as humanly possibly to you anymore. 


19. Tequila shots have become almost unbearable.


20. When you go out to the bar now, you don’t wind up spending 15% – 25% of your bank account.
21. Birthdays just don’t have the same pizazz they once did. 
Did I miss anything or can you think of any others? Comment on the boards below with anyones I missed!