Why You Should Be Rich In Your 20’s

I read an article about a week ago titled “You Don’t Have To Be Rich In Your 20s: How Much Money You Should Actually Be Making”.

How stupid is that?


Why is that ok? Why are you setting a limit for yourself and settling for “going shopping and returning everything you buy” or “traveling on trains but never in style”? Personally, I’m working every damn day to make sure I am rich while I’m in my 20’s. I want to travel in style and I want nice things. Is that so wrong? After all, that’s what ambition is, at least the way it’s defined in America. Simply put, your success is measured by the number in your bank account.
Wait a second. Ambition is defined by the size of your wallet?


That’s the problem with capitalism. Everyone is out for their own good rather than out for the collective. We have the smartest people in the world working on tools to help us “sext” and working on Wall Street rather than working on solving the worlds largest issues.

WhatsApp was recently acquired by Facebook for $19B. To put that into perspective, making sure every man, woman and child on this earth would have clean running water is worth ~$10B. Let that sink in.


WhatsApp ($19B) > The ENTIRE World Music Industry ($16.4B)


Hunger, disease, global economics, and education are all things I feel like could be improved upon if we had the world’s smartest people trying to solve them. Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and Sheryl Sandberd all dedicated their lives to solving world hunger. It may not be completely solved, however, we would be a hell of a lot closer to a solution than we are today. Imagine the impact they could make. The world NEEDS entrepreneurs to step in with innovative ideas as to how to solves these issues.
However, that’s not the world we live in. We live in a world powered by money. What makes America so great? The fact that we are free and that we have money hand over fist. People emigrate to this beautiful country for the opportunity to be free and to make a lot of money. Everyone reading this post today is already  free, so why not be rich in your 20’s?