How to Biz Travel Like a Pro

Having traveled for work 30+ times this year, I’ve learned a thing or two about the do’s and do not’s about biz travel. This isn’t going to be the cliche “travel light” BS, these are things I’ve learned from other folks and through experience.

  1. Wrinkle Spray.
    • This stuff is God’s gift. When I unpack my collared shirts, they usually look like they were soaked in water and wrung out. I used to spend a ton of time ironing my clothes when I got to my hotel. However, with wrinkle spray, all you need to do is hang your clothes and spray the solution on your clothes. 5 minutes later, no wrinkles. Incredible. 
  2. Hotels give you toothpaste/toothbrushes (usually).
    • Every hotel offers toothpaste for free, but you have to ask for it at the front desk. Most hotels will have toothbrushes as well, but they’re usually pretty crappy, so I suggest packing your own.
  3. Comfortable clothes for travel.
    • This may be more of a personal thing, but I hate wearing suits/collared shirts while on a plane or train. I always wear jeans and a t shirt. Especially on the way back. When you’re exhausted after meetings, putting on jeans and a tee VS a suit makes all the difference in the world.
  4. Invest in nice luggage
    • It’s just worth it. Trust me on this one. I suggest Rimowa luggage. It looks slick and lasts a lifetime.
  5. Have Fun.
    • After work is done, go out and explore! Don’t just got back to the hotel and watch TV. Get on Yelp, find some high rated bars/restaurants and go out. It can seem a little daunting going out alone in a new city, but that’s the start of a great story..
  6. Pedialyte (If you have too much fun).
    • If the night gets away from you a bit, and you’ve had 1 too many, drink a Pedialyte before you get to bed and you’ll wake up with little to no hangover. Pedialyte is essentially Gatorade on steroids.